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At the Center for Neurodiverse Development, we believe that every child has a unique profile with strengths that can be harnessed to support relative weaknesses.





Deborah has more than twenty-five years’ experience in pediatrics and sensory integration. As the clinical director of the Astra Center for Neurodiverse Development, she conducts classes and workshops for parents and professionals and has presented at local, regional and national conferences. Deborah is also a Training Leader and Expert DIR® Floortime™ provider for the ICDL (Interdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning. Deborah holds a Certificate in Infant Parent Mental Health and is certified in Sensory Integration. She consults to schools, works with children and families and serves as a mentor for professionals. She is the 2008 recipient of the Margaret I. Bauman award for outstanding therapy provider.


Sarah is an instructor at the Astra Center for Neurodiverse Development, conducting DIR®-based workshops and courses for professionals and parents. She has presented both locally and at regional conferences. Sarah has been specializing in children with autism and regulation issues for twenty years. She consults to school districts, mentors other professionals, and works directly for families with children with special needs.

Pam joined Astra Foundation as Office Manager in 2006.  Her primary responsibilities include maintaining the database of students, preparing course materials, registering course participants, and keeping the office stocked and running smoothly. She also administers the Astra web site. In addition to her work at Astra, Pam worked for AccesSportAmerica, an organization that inspires children and adults with disabilities through high-challenge sports and training for about 18 years.  She now works at the local high school and has started a concierge business on Martha's Vineyard during the summers. Her prior experience includes overseeing a private business club at the World Trade Center and serving as Conference Manager at Brandeis University.  Pam lives in Acton with her husband Charlie and two sons.