Parent Course 3: Floortime® Monthly Support

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About the Course

Course Description: This course is designed for parents and caregivers who have taken Course 1 (Introduction to Floortime) and who would like ongoing Floortime support during the whole school year. This allows participants to improve their Floortime skills and adapt them as their child grows and changes.

The curriculum will be developed in response to the current needs of the individuals in the group and discussion will be shaped around participants’ experiences with their child. Sharing of videotape with the group is recommended but optional.

Course goals will include the following:

  • Problem-solve challenges as the child enters new phases.
  • Establish goals, periodically revising them as your child grows.
  • Amplify your existing strengths as a player.
  • Create a non-critical atmosphere to share Floortime experiences.
  • Refine understanding of your child’s unique affect cues.
  • Strengthen your child’s core capacities.
  • Use the group as a resource to brainstorm ideas for improving regulation, reciprocity, expanding play and social problem solving.
  • Collect resources.
  • Enjoy the support of other parents.

Duration: There are 9 monthly workshops over the course of a school year, for 2 hours each. In addition, the course includes three private coaching sessions for your family with the instructor. These informal play sessions with your child allow you to ask questions and practice Floortime with support.  

Course fees: $180 for one person, $230 for a family

Instructor: Sarah Measures

Instructor Contact information: Sarah Measures, 617.413.1355 or

  • Individual
  • Family

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