NAEBE Update

Last week, the National Alliance for Engagement-Based Education (NAEBE) working group met in Washington, DC to talk about the incredible work we've been seeing at schools across the country. We can't wait to share our thinking with you, but first we need to do the hard work of getting our thoughts onto paper. While we do that, Kris and I will continue writing our weekly blog posts and sharing interesting education articles on our website, We're hopeful that when we next have a NAEBE update, it'll include some of our report!

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My personal resolutions last January - when the novel coronavirus was only a potential and still faraway danger - ran to the ordinary, and frankly, the privileged: more yoga (any yoga at all really);

A Commitment to Equity & Justice

One of the indicators of Radically Reimagined Relationships is a Commitment to Equity & Justice, which we define as, “Individually and collectively, the school community advocates for equity for all g