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Affirming the critical role of relationships in learning.

Through its two centers, The Astra Foundation helps practitioners who work with children in schools, therapeutic settings, and homes to build meaningful and authentic relationships with young people so that they can discover their passions and develop the skills and knowledge to become their best selves.

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​The Astra Center for Innovative Education affirms the critical and foundational role that relationships play in learning and promotes engagement-based and student-centered education and educational reforms so that all students get what is rightfully theirs: an education that prepares them to be joyful, lifelong learners and thoughtful, critical thinkers and citizens in a complex world.

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At the Astra Center for Neurodiverse Development, every child has a unique profile with strengths that can be harnessed to support relative weaknesses.  In order to work effectively with children, we must know them well through warm, nurturing relationships; understand their specific developmental needs; and have deep respect for individual differences.

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We believe it is the right of every person, and therefore every child, to be known well, respected, and encouraged.

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Our private foundation supports programs and initiatives helping children thrive in their home and educational environments. 

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Contact Us

​The Astra Foundation is a private foundation that supports programs and initiatives helping children thrive in their home and educational environments. Have questions or comments?  We'd love to hear from you.

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